Analysis of Public Feedback on 'Renewing Riverview' Web-based Survey

Friday, February 12 2016

A survey was conducted by BC Housing over the winter months of late 2014-early 2015. Through the website, people were asked to rate the illustrations prepared at the 2014 fall input sessions for Renewing Riverview where artists captured people’s ideas for various activities and uses at Riverview.
Elaine Golds of the BMN has undertaken a detailed analysis of the complete list of participant responses (as posted to the Renewing Riverview website). Her analysis can be viewed by clicking here.

The public are invited to submit their comments on the Renewing Riverview Vision document by February 12th. Your comments can be sent to BC Housing at To read an backgrounder of some of the problems with BC Housing’s Vision for Riverview, please click here.

To read BMN’s comments submitted to BC Housing on Feb 12th, please click here.

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