WANTED: Sandhill Crane Feathers

Monday, June 5 2017

A genetic project on Sandhill Cranes within the Fraser Valley and Coastal BC needs your help.

If you come across any crane feathers, please keep the feather(s) stored in a paper bag and do not to handle the tip of the feather with fingers to avoid DNA contamination. Record the location and the date of collection. Contact Myles Lamont (myles at terrafauna dot ca; 778-246-2837) who will arrange to pick them up and pass them onto to the folks doing the lab work. Egg shells and fragments would also be useful if an old nest site is known.

Only feathers collected from June through late July are of any use for this study because the migratory birds will begin to pass through from late August onwards, and these birds are not part of the sampling project.

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