Most of our publications are available at the monthly meetings. Contact us if you would like to confirm the availability of a specific publication.

Special Reports

Monthly Newsletter (except July and August)

Newsletters are available for pickup at the club’s monthly meeting. Members that do not attend the meeting will have their newletter mailed to them. Back issues of the newsletter are available for free while supplies last.

Natural History Brochures

Bird Checklists, Brochures and Booklets

Plant Brochures

Trail Maps

  • Burke Mountain
  • Widgeon Valley

Other Publications

  • Burke Mountain-Widgeon Valley-Pinecone Lake Park Proposal flyer
  • Wildlife Inventory of the Shoreline Park System (44 MB PDF ! open only if you have a fast connection) by Christine Hanrahan et al, 1994, 121 pages, available at the Port Moody Library
  • Our Backyard Wilderness, A Park Proposal, by Mark Haddock, 1992, 23 pages plus appendices, available at Coquitlam Poirier Library
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